Adv-HCI - Individual Course in Human-Computer Interaction


90 hp Computer and Systems Sciences with at least:


The goal of the course is to give course participants the opportunity to deepen studies in the research area of HCI.


Through this course students with a special interest within the field of human-computer interaction have the opportunity to conduct theoretical studies that can be specifically designed for the student to fit his/her interests.

Course contents and examination are individually defined for each student. Teaching consists of individual supervision.

Students interested in taking the course should write a research proposal, A4 page (max) describing specific research interests in the area of HCI. The research proposal needs to at least specify a research question or a design problem or a specific methodology. Send the proposal to the person in charge of the course so as you can start attending the course.

The course can only be offered if the department has sufficient resources and competence within the special interest area.

No instruction is given on this course.


Individual plan.


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