BMAT - Methodology of decision analysis with advanced applications 7,5 hp


BRS - Decision and Risk Analysis: special problems

Short description

The course focuses on a specific application of a decision support methodology in a domain selected by each student. During the course, the student will apply a modern method on a non-trivial decision problem and evaluate strengths, weaknesses and potential for further development of the method or how it can be applied.


The course is mainly directed for students in pursuit of a master’s degree with focus on risk and decision analysis. After the course is finished, the students should be able to:

NOTE: The courses Decision and Risk Analysis (BRA) and Risk and Decision analysis special problems are prerequisites for taking this course.


Project work, individual or in teams of two students per team. The students choose a subject within the area of risk and decision analysis in discussion with course supervisor.


The course is distance based. The students are to complete a written (scientific) report on a specific topic within the area of risk and decision anlysis. Depending on number of students, the report may be orally presented at a seminar.


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