Digital Business in the area of IT


Advanced level - Second cycle course


60 hp Computer and Systems Sciences


During the last decades, we have seen the great development of digital technologies, which are fundamentally transforming business strategies, business processes, firm capabilities, products and services, and key interfirm relationships in extended business networks. The transformation is as powerful as the industrial Resolution. We are heading towards the era of industry 4.0.

The aim of the course Digital Business in IT (DIBU) is to provide you as a student with the opportunity to develop your knowledge of digital business and to apply this knowledge into business problem-solving from the perspective of IT. After completed the course, you will develop an innovative thinking and mindset of digital technology and digital business.


The course contains the following parts:

The structural migration from traditional business to digital business; Digital business and value creation; Digital business and digital strategy; Social collaboration and social business; Digital business innovations; Digital applications for business; Digital security model etc.

We will invite guest lecturers from industry to share their knowledge of digital business.

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