EDS - Entrepreneurship in the digital society


90 hp Computer and Systems Sciences


The objective with the course is to provide basic knowledge of how business ideas can be developed and executed as well as how they are being converted into business models. When you have completed the course, you will have the necessary tools and understanding to succeed in testing and evaluating a business idea.

The course addresses four target groups:

The course addresses researchers, doctoral students, master students (1 or 2 years), and bachelors in their third year of studies.


One connecting thought in the course will be Dr. Alexander Osterwalder’s ”Business Model Generation”. In a very short period of time, his research in entrepreneurship has had global impact, not least within ICT and the media. In contrast to other business models, it gives a quick overview of the necessary components to create, deliver and catch value. The model will help you understand, form, measure, change and even simulate regeneration and innovation.

The other common thread will be our guest lecturers, experienced entrepreneurs, who have successfully started and run companies within ICT and the media. You will be able to utilize their know-how, even if you choose to become an intrapreneur or run your own business instead of becoming an entrepreneur. These two read threads will guide you to the seminar at the end of the course, where you will present your group’s project assignment.

The learning outcome of the course for the four target groups will be different depending on which group you will join. However the business model includes generic components that are identical for the four groups; the course will introduce you to these components. Then, within the scope of a project assignment (i.e. learning outcome of the course), you will produce a ”Business Model Canvas” using one of the tracks below:

You will do the project individually or in a group of up to eight students, who have chosen the same track as you.


Lectures will include relevant areas of entrepreneurship and will provide a basic understanding and a theoretical basis that can you can further develop.


A project will be accounted for by way of a seminar. You will learn how to present and sell a (your) business idea.


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