The course FINT is cancelled spring semester 2012

(FINT - Design for Affective Interaction)


90 hp Computer and Systems Sciences with at least:


Upon the completion of the course, the student should be able to:


The course will start with a set of lectures (some by invited guest lecturers) laying out the foundations in:

After the lectures, the student will be asked to write an essay (~3 pages) describing theories on some particular aspect of bodily or emotional ways of being in the world, and how this has been picked up in one or several IT-applications or design methods. After this theoretical part of the project, rendering 3 ECTS-credits, students will work in groups to design, implement and evaluate an interactive application touching upon our emotional and bodily ways of being in the world. In this project work, the students will work in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary teacher team (interaction designers, HMI-experts, and software developers). The project will require lightweight user studies, workshops for interaction design and independent programming/simulation work. The project will be examined from all three perspectives, rendering another 4 credits. Typical methods for these three phases of the project will be:

The student project will be presented both as a demonstrable system with a user evaluation and as a short research paper. The later will be presented at a “mini-conference” at the end of the course (where a best-paper award will be handed out). Finally, the course ends with a written exam.

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