GDO - IT outsourcing - global delivery models


Today, most companies, independently of whether they sell on the world or the domestic market, would not be able to develop or even sustain their strength without utilizing the opportunities of globalization. Swedish companies have adjusted well to this "Global Village". In fact Sweden is one of the most internationalized and globalized countries worldwide. Accordingly, the dependence on own and others production and service units outside Sweden is a question of decisive importance for the companies’ future.

In the first part of this course, we will focus on GDM’s future and on the consequences for the society of GDM. You will meet the Chief Economist of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Managing Director of the Swedish IT and Telecom Industry Association, and the Managing Director of IDC Sweden.

Then you will meet a customer (and a provider) of global services, represented by a Vice President from Ericsson, followed by a PWC risk management consultant, who advices boards of directors in FORTUNE 500 companies. They will share their experiences from their perspective of the “global village”. (This lecture will be held at Ericsson´s headquarters in Kista).

TPI, a global sourcing advisory firm, collaborates with organizations to optimize their business operations through GDM. You will meet their Director of the Nordic countries. During the past 15 years he has been involved in a number of major outsourcing transactions in the Nordic region.

Finally, moving on to the last part of the course, you will meet specialists in global sourcing from Accenture, who will share their experiences in GDM with you.


The course focuses on:


14 hours lectures

4 hours Group Assignment Presentation

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