IB909C - Webbutveckling, serversidan


7,5 hp objectoriented programming


On this course you will learn how to create programs for the web server side. You get insights into programming within supporting techniques, output, input, code separation, session handling, security. e-mail, databases, and content management. During the course, you use the free open software.


Since the course is language independent one is free to choose technique and language freely and support is given for all techniques and languages, for example:

The following subjects are dealt with:

For a more detailed description see: http://people.dsv.su.se/~pierre/i/


This is a distance course and the pedagogy for this course is assignment based learning with a large element of freedom in the problem solving process. The course brings up a large subject area by presenting a set of assignments where each assignment:

The course require the skill to work alone but has a large element of interactivity by continuousand direct support from tutors at distance.


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