MGIT - Management of Global IT Resources


Advanced level - Second cycle course


90 hp Computer and Systems Sciences

Bachelor students who wish to participate in this course should complete a course of 7,5 credits in Organization Studies or Management. Otherwise they should be aware that in this course are required knowledge in organization studies or management and they should aquire these knowledge through an independent study.

Short description

The trend towards globalisation has determined the multinational companies to increase their attention on the role of information technologies in support of their global operations. In this perspective, the course is addressing the important issues and challenges in managing IT resources in multinational companies.


The trend towards globalization has determined global companies to increase their attention on the role of IT in support of their global operations and global business strategies. In this context the management of global IT resources in these organizations has increased in its importance. Therefore in this course we will look to address the important issues and challenges in managing IT resources in global companies.

Learning outcomes:

* Explain the global business environment and the trends that managers need to monitor and plan in this dynamic environment.

* Explain the role of organizational and cultural change in becoming a globally integrated enterprises.

* Explain the global organization structure and control systems and how global organizations are structuring for scale, responsiveness and innovation.

* Analyze an IT organization structure and the existing, planned, and potential applications based on their business contributions in a global company;

* Explain the planning of information systems resources and leading of information systems function;

* Analyze the strategies used for the development of a global information system in a global company;

* Describe the challenges in managing global IT systems;

* Explain the findings of different research studies in management of global IT resources.


The main course topics are:

* The global business environment

* Becoming a globally integrated enterprise: Lessons on enabling organizational and cultural change

* Global organization: structure and control systems

* Global IT management: structuring for scale, responsiveness, and innovation

* Organizing IT

* Planning information systems resources

* Leading the information systems function

* Managing global IT systems


The activities done in this course are lectures, seminars and team project tutorials that will be held in English.


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