MIDE - Methodology for Interaction Design


60 hp Computer and Systems Sciences with at least:


The aim of the course is for participants to implement HCI design methods in the design and development process of interactive systems. The course provides practical knowledge of how to use well-known and established design methods as well as theoretical knowledge of how to think and reasoning on them during the design process.

Note that the course puts people rather than technology at the centre of the design process. Interaction design is not just about the technical system that is developed but about describing and explaining how a computer system is going to affect the way people work.

The course is project-based. Participants divided into small groups work with specific design tasks in which they apply the HCI design methods presented in this course.

Curriculum objectives

After to have attended the course participants should be able to:


The course covers the following methods, techniques and design philosophy:

• * Interaction design : the design process, designers’ competence and the designed product

• * Design for quality in use

• * Personas and Scenarios methods


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