RIMA - Risk Management


Bachelor degree of 180 hp (or equivalent)

Short description

The course presents both probabilistic and non-probabilistic approaches to risk management. Further discusses the basics of various types of risk analyzes in depth. The emphasis is however on how the authorities seeking to minimize risks in their domains. Thus addressed specifically to accident risks and financial risks.


After the course a student should have some idea of how financial risks, physical hazards, or problems related to information security are to be handled. She should, in addition, be acquainted with different views on the concept of probability.


The course is divided into two parts In the first part a student should read texts on how to handle physical hazards, problems related to information security, or on the management of financial risks. In the second part a few influential texts on the concept of probability are studied.


The course is given in english. The course is given as a distance course.

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