SEC:I - Principles of Computer Security


90 hp Computer and Systems Sciences


Having completed this course the student will be able to

  1. communicate knowledge of the concepts, models and terms commonly used in the area of ICT security.
  2. identify and productively experiment with currently relevant ICT security issues.
  3. evaluate factors that influence the security of systems.


The course includes:


Lectures and Practical Assignments.

The course is largely a theoretical studies course where the student is expected to not only read the course material but also to actively work with the study material to gain deeper insights into the subject matter. The lectures are primarily viewed as a means to help the student to approach the trickier parts of the study material. Higher grades on the written exam are normally achieved by those students who are able to critically analyse and reflect upon the subject matter. Students are therefore encouraged to work through the material during the course. One useful and effective way to do this is by forming study groups.

There are two practical assignments, both of which must be completed in groups: the first assignment in groups of two, the second assignment in groups of two or more. This course may not be suitable for those who are for any reason unable to work in groups.

The second assignment involves making contributions to course library of practical security exercises. Students’ contributions may thereby become part of the course material. This course may not be suitable for any students who wish to retain exclusive rights to all their course work.


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