SEC:S General Systems Theory and IT Security


Present system theories such that the students can understand how to approach IT related security holistically

Having completed this course the student will be able to

  1. Define and describe vital concepts of general and particularized system theories and approaches, used as epistemology for the /ICT/security area
  2. Explain and exemplify control principles according to various laws and models for steering and control
  3. Analyze security and risk according to various laws and models for steering and control.
  4. Communicate and analyze threat, risk and security as systemic phenomena and vice versa
  5. Identify and report on a /ICT/ security problem, its reason or origin and suggested solutions as reported in /scientific/ journals
  6. As a group member report and present in scientific manners, written descriptions and analyses of some current security phenomenon or problem including relating the phenomenon/problem to system theories.
  7. Orally present and defend own and debate other groups’ presentations



Lectures and seminars in English.

The course consists of the following themes:

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