SECORG - Information Security in Organisations


Advanced level - Second cycle course

Required knowledge

In order to take this course the student must have:

Short description

You will learn: Best practices for managing information security in organisations.


After the course the student should be able to:


This is the capstone course at DSV for management of information- and cyber security at advanced level. It is based on best practices, international standards and experienced course developers and lecturers. If you are considering a career as a chief information security officer CISO or chief security officer CSO, this is the course to take. The syllabus is based on advice from the global non-profit organisations in information security ISC2 and ISACA.

The course covers the conditions and procedures for information security management in organisations and provides the essential knowledge, skills and assessment abilities required to act as information security adviser or information security manager. The course includes the following areas:

Fredrik Björck will be the main lecturer on this course. In case you have any questions about this course, please contact Fredrik Björck. In case of admissions questions, please contact Studievägledningen.

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